GOLF VOUCHER : "Green Card Course”

Available variants:  for 1 person (č. DM20221206-1), for 2 persons (č. DM20221206), for 3 persons (č. DM20221206-3), for 4 persons (č. DM20221206-4)

This voucher contains:

  • Minimally 10 hours of lessons with golf PRO with licence according to methodics of PGA of Slovakia (Professional Golf Association of Slovakia)
  • 2 hours of final exam (test a golf game on golf course)
  • Rental of golf clubs and balls
  • Entrance to practice areas (Green Meadows Golf Club Ivánka pri Nitre, Red OAK Golf Club Nitra, Indoor Golf of Golf Institute Nitra) - acc. to coach instruction
  • Course in beginning of 2023 season
Lessons schedule:
  • 1. lesson:
Familiarization with golf game, golf equipment, ethics, safety during game, teaching of basics of player´s stance and  club holding, course management and basic rules.
  • 2. lesson:
Putting basics, rules on the green - putting green.
  • 3. lesson:
Short game - Chip & Pitch - chipping area, golf clubs (8, 9, P).
  • 4. lesson:
Shotr game, trouble shots, bunker shot, various ball lies.
  • 5. lesson:
Driving range, half swing, full swing, warm up.
  • 6. lesson:
Golf rules, score card, driving range, golf course.
  • 7 . lesson:
Driving range, full swing, golf clubs - irons SW, PW, 7i, 3W.
  • 8. lesson:
Driving range, first game on golf course, max. 2 holes on golf course.
  • 9. lesson:
Repeating of all shot, driving range, chipping area, putting green.
  • 10. lesson:
Game on golf course, golf rules, golf course.

Final exam:

Test from golf rules, ethics and safety during game, golf play together 2 hours.